Thursday, March 26, 2015

Katy Perry Milan

A long weekend to Milan, Italy began with a letter from Ceiba to Katy Perry. She asked for KP to join her for the girls' birthdays in Malta. After being spoiled by Capt Jack Sparrow last year, she thought we could invite anyone and have them come for the party. Katy was nice to explain how busy her European Tour schedule is, but "sent" concert tickets to her tour stop in Milan, as consulation for missing their summer birthdays.

We revolved the trip (blog post to come) around the concert, booking a night hotel stay next door to the concert venue, in the event either of them couldn't make it through the concert. We also took noise canceling/range ear muffs, to be sure not to rock the kiddos out too much.

Charlie XCX opened for KP, who Ceiba likes also, so it was an extra lucky night. Our seats were great and Katy Perry and crew were AMAZING! Well worth the trip and small fortune for tickets (plane tickets were cheaper than concert tickets... ouch). A once in a lifetime trip for all!!!
Heard from friends that we are cool and get "Cool Parents of the Year"... but haven't seen that certificate in the mail yet. We'll be happy if the girls remember the trip, and we can use in negotiations in the teenage years.

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