Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Grafton Rendezvous

The third weekend of October, the village of Grafton held their annual River Rendezvous, hosted by the Free Trappers of Piasa Territory, along the banks of the Illinois River.

Being from this area, a drive up the Great River Road through Alton and up past Grafton is an annual pilgrimage of sorts. We all enjoy the river view, hawks and eagles, occasional deer, many bikers, passing by beautiful old homes and the best view in the area of the changing autumn leaves.
It was a brisk morning... especially with our thin tropical blood. The girls ran about with their cousins, enjoying the old crafts, warm atmosphere (every grizzly old trapper flirting with them and joking around), diving for candy from the candy cannon and petting fur pelts of various animals. 
We had lessons on how my family used to trap and sell furs for extra money in the winter months. 
For me and most of my family, no Grafton trip is complete without a stop for lunch of river fish at either Beasley's fish shack or the Finn Inn. 
Chris thinks I'm kinda crazy in that regard, but tradition is tradition, and the flavor to me is divine! 

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