Monday, November 2, 2015

Roll Over... but not the fun bears in the bed song...

Dinner interruption by a neighbor ringing the bell and spouting in Maltese and broken English that your car is wrecked = no fun.

A lady somehow (going entirely too fast) rolled her car in our one lane road, after bursting her 2 left tires and bashing the other neighbors stone steps. She bounced it off 3 panels of our parked van and finished the van's 4th panel off when her rear window opened midroll and shattered onto our windshield and down into the engine and hood. 

Good times... 2 weeks before it needs to leave Malta in an ocean container for America and after wasting 3 hours waiting for the warden to arrive plus multiple insurance phone calls. Add to the packout circus. 
Fork me... I'm done.

P.S.- But the best was Chris's FB rant... with a tutorial for the events (and a very FAKE wine glass photoshopped into my hand). LOL!

 1) Driver clips wall with left rear tire. Tire explodes. Rear window pops open. Driver oversteers. Roll begins. 2) Shattered limestone block sprays across roadway. 3) Vehicle rakes against the entire length of our vehicle. 4) Front left tire hits corner of stairway. Tire explodes. 5) Open rear window hits our van mid-roll. Tempering shatters. 6) Vehicle comes to rest. 7) Denise Johnson-Hoelschercomes outside and yells "Seriously?" with her glass of wine in her hand.

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  1. Holy Smokes!!! Scrolled down and saw this nightmare -- hoping all is so much better now, or at least well on its way to being better. That is a great demonstrative photo at the end!