Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pirates, Mermaids and Summer Birthday Girls

(to post June 2014)
So we always say we will pay to go somewhere (not home) for the girls' birthdays... let someone else cook and have the mess... In the end, we must enjoy the chaos and always LOVE having friends at home to celebrate with us. With our fun house in Malta, we thought we should take advantage of their summer birthdays and the pool while we live here. Capt Jack Sparrow, his beautiful pirate wife Cat and mermaid friend "Coral" stole the show and made 2 little pirate princesses VERY happy for their fun day!
We met Capt. Jack Sparrow in the streets of Valletta performing. His personality is unbelievable! He kept the kids captivated ALL afternoon, while Chris tended to guests/issues, and I catered in the kitchen. Not sure why we take on this tasks sometimes, especially the size of this guest list vs the size of our home. But it was an UNFORGETTABLE birthday this year! Doubt there are many years where we have the chance for the house layout or a true pirate on an island to do it again!!

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