Sunday, May 2, 2010

Absentee Blogger

Wow, I thought not working at a M-F job would help the blogging frequency- oh, not so.
So what have we been up to? Well, I'm glad you asked!

1) Bummer point - the house contract did not go through Friday. UG. After 70 days with this continency, their house did not sell and they decided they could not afford 2 houses... but they still want it. Outcome.. now we will have to afford 2 houses instead. Not what we hoped for, but it is what it is. We'll figure it out :{

2) We are 2 weeks and 2 days from graduation, and thus we are 2 weeks and 3 days from ONE BIG ROADTRIP! Eeeeeek. Ours will be a caravan of not camels, but 2 cars, 4 adults, 1 kiddo, 2 crates full of plants and a bunch of miscellaneous junk on a 1000+ mile / 2-3 day funfest! What did we do before portable DVD players and Ipods? Guess we survived prior to technology because we didn't have to sit in carseats thru age 8, thus we could lay in the back car window to take a nap or just slug it out with our other siblings packed into the back of a 1978 Magnum like sardines. Ah, good times.

3) And point 2 leads us to planning for Gma & Gpa visiting us in DC in 2 weeks. Hooray! They'll be here for graduation and then taking part in the caravan funfest to Miami. The enticement of a week at a nice resort while Chris and I house hunt may have helped sway the vote, but they were having grandkid fever nonetheless. It will be a great help to have them play with Ceiba while we scour the area for a desired abode for the next however-long.

4) We've enjoyed more of DC, the National Mall and visited the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

5) It was neat to visit Embassy Row, a neighborhood where other nations' embassies reside.
On the same drive, we also passed the National Cathedral (second row below).

6) Successfully took Ceiba to her 1st theater movie - How to Train your Dragon! She (and we!) loved it and had a fun time. It only took 3 trips to the bathroom (LOVE family bathrooms!), a purse full of goodies, $18 from the concession stand, one blankie, one happymeal dragon and 6 off/on sessions with sandals to succeed.

7) Our GREAT friend is OLD today! Happy Birthday Ann! We love you... and we'll always be even older :) 

8) Our first Skype video call with my sister's family was tonight. We talked almost 2 hours! Well, mostly we all watched Ceiba sing and dance around the living room like we had just fed her 100 poofs of cotton candy. It's amazing how you can feel like you're all in the same room through the computer. Gosh, we miss them...


  1. Bummer on the house ... BUT ... maybe it will be quicker than you think? Holding out hope for you!

  2. So sorry about the contract - yukkydoodles.

    But on a happier note - isn't Skype fun?? It's my saving grace ... that is, when I have internet!

  3. Oh, no!! I'm so sorry that the house contract fell through. Lots of folks in my husband's class had to deal with the same thing. It's so hard. You guys are in our thoughts.

    And the roadtrip: sooo not fun. You're right- I don't know how we did it without technology!

    LOVE the pictures!