Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mama's Day, Mama

was the sweet little wake-up I heard this morning. Every couple minutes for the first hour she was up (thus the first hour we were ALL awake), she'd roll over from the cartoons and wish me a "Happy Mama's Day, Mama".

Parenting is kind of like having a puppy: that so cute/smell good/make you smile all the time stage that makes you wish they would stay that small. But then you realize you really want to see what they'll do next and who they'll become. Maybe you can just skip the few years where they'll embarass you by talking about farts or "POOP!" in public. Or the stage (currently) where they'll sternly tell their baby doll to "GO to BED!". I swear we don't say it like that! But then the next minute she'll put her baby on the potty or feed her with the sweetest gesture and most gentle voice. Or the soft "it's okay" when the baby doll is "crying". Although we ARE ready to grow out of the booty dance with a smack on her behind (thanks Deeta for the dance lesson that's imbedded in her memory!) which always happens to get modeled during a Skype session with Gma & Gpa. Ahh, toddlers!


So today for Mama's Day, we drove motorpool practice routes - good times! Honestly, our choice to go along for part of the day and see Papa in practice action. Impressive! Ceiba & I had a nice nap during the afternoon, while Papa continued more work. And in the evening we went to my new favorite VA restaurant, Clare & Don's Beach Shack, for yummy fried foods and key lime pie. If you're in the Falls Church VA area, you MUST check out this FL style restaurant. You'll feel like you're in Key West, and the food is great!

(l to r, Chris & Ceiba, Ceiba checking out the menu, Mama digging into the fried oysters)
(l to r, my fried oysters & rings- AWESOME, fried pickles, Chris's shrimp 3 ways)



  1. Thanks for the tip, we had not heard of it! We will totally have to check it out when we arrive next month.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  2. I loved your post. Toddlers are so similar and I was laughing out loud because I have had sooo many of the same thoughts, especially when I hear Jordana repeat things that I say. It makes me stop and think about how I speak to her ALL THE TIME!! I'm glad I'm not the only one. And the restaurant sounds divine! Definitely need to check that out before we leave!

  3. ooh, I don't know about this restaurant, what fun!

    and your post made me laugh, too...My 2yo daughter is stuck on saying "my booty bottom" - I think she learned it from a little girl at daycare and it's driving me nuts but we're trying to ignore as we can't exactly stop her from saying it. Toddlers!! :)