Sunday, May 16, 2010


We've had a great chance to meet other Foreign Service people during our 2 month stay in DC. It's so great to talk to others in the same boat and hear what may be in store over the next years. Conversations about overseas posts and tricks of the trade are invaluable. My mind is a sponge when I hear about countries, customs or even how much toothpaste we might use in 2 years time. In addition to the fellow employees that Chris has met, I've gotten to meet several spouses and even went to a few ladies evenings to pow-wow about our roles in this crazy lifestyle. Ceiba's made several new friends and shared many hours in the local creek throwing rocks.
(above- classmates of Chris's with us at the Beach Shack)
(below- Ceiba and buddies A & M in the creek, mamas & baby N watching)

Another IL family and we hit it off from the start, the kind of friendship that could make itself right at home in your life. We spent our first week with them in the evening for pizza, drilling them with questions, and spent many hours on playgrounds, at lunch and shopping around town. As great as it is to meet new friends, it's already sad to leave. But along this road we have to look forward to the chance we'll cross paths again.
We already know not to have dramatic good byes, just "we'll see you later"s.
So T family, we look forward to seeing you later and wish you well until then :)

(above, Ceiba & A getting cozy at Ikea, N & J riding the train with us)

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  1. Thanks for the nice comments and sharing the pictures. The pictures in the previous post of moving boxes actually made me I ready to do this again?!?