Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fill 'er up

Why does the fuel light only come on when the temperature is "freeze your butt off" ?
And why is it always the coldest and most windy days when I need to put gas in my car?!

Thanks to Myth Busters proving your car will not blow up from static buildup during reentry , I can feel comfortable getting back in my car while pumping. HA! I know you can see me shivering, rushing to jump back inside the car followed by one last full body shiver and a single choice curse word (when Ceiba's not in the car). DAMN and SHIT are the two most frequent explatives of choice. (Chris, I'm sure you can hear me). You people in tropical locales don't know what fun you're missing! Even more so on those special days when your nostrils feel like they've frozen shut upon exiting your vehicle. Or on days where you get out to find your tiny gas door frozen shut.

Ahh, good times!

Yesterday was beautiful, for an IL February day. Today... way below freezing! The wind chill was about zero when I stopped at Quiktrip this morning. Half of the trash I pulled out of my door pockets lept into the air and poofed away before I could catch it, except for the animal crackers and goldfish, which I could barely get out with my freezing hands to dump into the trashcan.

It also never fails that I have to get gas in the morning in IL on days that I'll be in MO in the afternoon, where gas is always $.10-$.15 cheaper per gallon. I'm just afraid to push my luck and get stuck on the bridge. That would not be good.

A few more months and we'll be able to happily get gas under palm trees with sea breezes blowing by. Knowing me, I'll wait until high noon and complain that it's hot as Hades and that M&Ms bound for the trash have turned to soup :) And again, will likely resort to the classic single choice curse word.


  1. Yes ... it will be as hot as hades and you'll long for that CRISP cold air!

    But I'm not saying "I told you so"


  2. Heh.

    Did I ever tell you about the one year while we were living in Florida when we literally had - and I'm not exaggerating - THREE HURRICANES within the space of FOUR WEEKS pass DIRECTLY OVER our house?

    And were without power for five days each time? In the middle of summer?

    Good times, those... :)

    All that to say... two words, Girlfriend:

    Renter's Insurance!

    Don't have a home in Florida without it!

  3. You know that the novelty of palm tree's and ocean breezes will wear off and you will want to come back to Il. to the cold winter that will turn into that beutiful spring day that is full of sunshine, budding tree's and blooming flowers and the sound of the birds returning for another great year all while you are hunting mushrooms and fishing a local farm pond