Monday, February 8, 2010

Where are all the freakin' clovers?

If it wasn't a frozen tundra around here, I could walk out and pick a flower. Hold that flower and pull each petal off with a "we move"... "we move not"... "we move!".  Or I could sit in the yard and sift through clovers until I found one with 4 leaves. Then wish on it or eat it or smoke it or just carry it in my bra like Grandma's kleenex until it made the phone ring with an offer on our house.

Ug, could there have been a worse time to try to sell our house?  Thanks State Department (well, really thanks for the cool job, just not the timing). You get the - you're on the Register, but don't quit your job or change your lifestyle. Then it's, "Report to Washington in 2 weeks."

Ok, so it's only been 4 months and maybe good breezes will blow up our nose soon. But let me be the first to admit, I am NOT a good waiter! Waitress yes, waiter no. You are dealing with a full out planner here. A person who makes lists until the cows come home. Someone who planned itineraries on little squares on a December calendar almost 2 years before going to Thailand for the first time. Now granted, I was not a mama then, which has definately slowed me down. But I will be a die hard planner until my last breath. It pains me to not have a departure date, a packout date, a resign from work date, a use the last of the milk date.

So I guess we do have a worst case date, May 19th - Chris's graduation date. If the house hasn't sold, we may as well be together since we'll have 2 houses (one in IL and one in FL) to pay for anyway.

Nope... I don't like that date. Too long from now.

Did I mention that in addition to being a planning nutcase, I'm also stubborn? Cripes!


  1. Hey Denise!

    Thank you so much for putting your blog in on the Spouse list! I am so thrilled to see it! You have a great sense of humor!

    I've had a blast reading through it and ohmygosh I LOVED the part about gift giving where your husband bought tactical boots - ROFL! That is so funny and I totally understand because my husband is a total gear hound and buying gifts for holidays and special occasions is just so hard! You want a what? A mag pouch? And that is - what? And I'm supposed to get it where? Oh, forgettuboutit... I love you, but buy it yourself!

    And my husband also had been with a Sheriff's Office before he got hired - and my whole extended family is from Indiana and Illinois! So it's been fun to read your blog.

    Also, when my husband was newly hired by State, we also had a house that we had to sell, and that was hard, so my heart goes out to you on that one. That was a very hard process, since the market wasn't good at all in our area when we were selling. A lot of my husband's classmates also had REALLY difficult times getting their houses sold. So I'll be reading with empathy and thinking of you.

    And thanks so much for linking to me! I've been updating my own blog - messing with links and archives and such- and I've linked to you, also. I hope that's okay!

    Best of luck with the house!

  2. I still remember those days of living apart while he did his training. I was in LA and he was in DC and Georgia. Seemed like forever. Good luck to you - it'll be over soon enough. And hopefully you'll get a good first assignment.

  3. The waiting is ALWAYS the hardest part! After 10 years on with DS, I still feel the same way!

    Best of luck selling your house. I know what a pain that is...