Friday, February 12, 2010

Just clone me

Really, I should learn to clone myself. They do it with sheep and orchids, why not me? Could be dangerous... but man could I use the extra help sometimes. And I already know exactly how I like things done :)

So I spent the night baking Valentine's Day cookies, nursing a sick kiddo, cutting up fruit into 2 year old person sizes (in fridge, not shown) and boycotting Valentine's cards. Ok, not all Valentine's cards. Ceiba's school is having their Valentine's Day party tomorrow. When I dropped her off yesterday, one of the moms was stuffing those little kid Valentine's cards into her kid's cubby. Seriously, we have to do these at 2 1/2 year olds? Call me a fuddy dud, but really?

So in the spirit of Valentine's (and upcoming Mardi Gras and hey let's just say Lunar New Year too), Ceiba will be handing out beads instead. We have a bazillion in the basement anyway and thought the kiddos would have some fun with these (and I asked the teacher if it was ok). Call me a rebel!

And this time tomorrow, we'll be picking up our Valentine from the airport!!
Happy early Valentine's Day, as am sure we'll be offline until next week.

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  1. It is so exciting that he gets to come home for a little while! Have fun!

    And yes, Valentines for two-year-olds is just a bit... much.