Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Taxidermy in our UAB?

Wow, does that sound like we're from the Midwest or what? And no, we didn't catch these exact fish. They are resin casts. We ate the real ones, so I feel good they didn't go to waste. And yes, we usually catch and release. Ok, enough of the environmental self justificaton.

Unaccompanied Air  Baggage? Ahh, nope. A little large.

Just a suggestion to anyone joining the Foreign Service - should you find yourself going on any fishing trips in the near future. Probably would suggest against mounting that 10 foot marlin which "would look so great on the wall"...

Oh and you know, while we're talking about it... skip mounting that 4' cobia too.

We definately have limitations on the transportation of household goods shipments, an entire manual in fact.
These will not pack well, but hey - at least they're lightweight!

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