Friday, August 27, 2010

Camera woes

From the time I was little, I've loved to take pictures. Borrowing the old square film camera for field trips was a treat, and you could never have too many blurry pictures of giraffes.

My "good" camera had being on the fritz and then took a spill a back in June. It went to the local shop, sat there almost 2 months, came back unrepaired and is now out to the warranty company (thank goodness I bought the warranty for once) who just notified me they had to send it to the manufacturer. UG. So by the time I get it back, IF I get it back since it's a Minolta which is now Sony, we'll probably be well settled on the other side of the planet.

Here's hoping my new point and shoot can hang with the big boys until then!


  1. Oh that is THE worst! As a fellow photographer, who can't go anywhere (anywhere) without my camera, I totally understand your pain! Best of luck!

  2. Hi Denise,
    I am not quite sure how to email you personally on here, but I would like to get in touch with you via private email. My husband is getting ready to do training in November and we are also from IL. Can you sene me your email address at I have a lot of questions for you:)