Thursday, August 5, 2010

Odds and Ends Catch Up

Some random pics to catch up on what we've been up to.

Another new park - Long Branch Nature Center - where we found yet an even more spectacular creek.
There is a nice paved path all the way around, so if you need a stoller, this is a convenient park.
If you ever there and wonder if we are too, just look for the family with a kid in swimwear,
acting like it's their own backyard. Yep, that'd be us.

But, we always go back to good old Bon Aire park too. Last time we were there, Ceiba
took a spill 2 minutes into our arrival. So we put her top on a rock to dry and warm up.
Had a nice week of playing in the frog tent! Papa and Ceiba pretended it was an igloo.
They used pillows to close off the front from polar bears.

And we spend our usual time at local parks; they are all around us!
Had a cool snap last week, but are back in the 90s this week. So the pool it is!

On a drive last weekend, we went into Maryland and found Glen Echo Park.
It was the premier amusement park in the early 1900s for the DC area.
It's free and just a nice area to tool around with kids. Lots of art gallery areas,
an old Spanish Ballroom & a great restored carousel.

And a few weeks ago, we had a date for our 15th anniversary. Had a great babysitter, by recommendation
from another State Dept family, and we went to dinner and a concert. The Gipsy Kings were awesome!
Well, that about catches us up for news to our fam and friends in IL! Ut um.... reciprocate :)

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