Monday, August 16, 2010

Eastern Market

Up for an outing last weekend, we chose to head down to Eastern Market ( It's a convenient stop along the Metro and a great way to spend your morning. We headed down early to beat the heat and decided on a Sunday visit to double dip with the flea market + the regular market. Soulard Market in STL used to be a weekly excursion for produce and season items when I worked downtown, so I had been missing the chance to peruse around in the open air markets.
(l to r) Pasta- we bought crayfish/lobster & mozzerella raviolis-YUM, Polish pottery, okra & maters
(l to r) fresh bouquets, indoor meat/fish section, gorgeous sunflowers
(l to r) manhole cover, berrries & veggies, patriotic art
(l to r) some heat!, pearls (I'm waiting for Dhaka!), flea market furniture

It was also a great photo opportunity... which is why we had waited so long to visit, in hopes my Minolta would be repaired... it isn't. As a matter of fact, it's pretty much in need of a R.I.P. sign. I sent it off to the warranty company today, after 6 weeks and the local company saying the part is discontinued. Ug, just what I want to buy before shipping out to Bangladesh. Actually, I do want to buy a new camera (and about 5 lenses), but the checking account is getting enough of a work out as it is. Maybe we'll just have to fly to Hong Kong or Tokyo as an excuse to camera shop!

Please pray for my Minolta until then!


  1. what gorgeous pics! I love EM but haven't been there in years. Next time.

  2. My favorite part of EM is the cheese selection and how they slice of a hunk for you to try! I miss cheese.