Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dropping the Book Weight

Chris finally bought a Nook this week! For non-techie people, it's an electronic book reader. It stores books and displays and bookmarks what you are reading. They are super cool! He's wanted one for a while, but it was something I thought he should choose. They are many brands available, all a bit different. It was something you should really feel and compare.

So far, he is really happy with it and is now rushing to finish up the couple hardcover books he has yet to read. I personally love the cool cover with the built in "blind you if you turn over in your sleep and accidently look toward it" light.

It'll be great to decrease our HHE weight from all the books we accumulate! We donated a TON to the library when we left IL and still have a lot. Not sure if it'll help avoid the below, but may be easier to juggle while juggling the kiddo.


  1. LOVE Ceiba's bathing suit!!! So darling. So very darling!

  2. We have boxes and boxes of books stored in VA somewhere and I'm sure that when we finally see them again (years from now) we will wish we would have donated most of them. Good for you. We love our e-readers too.