Thursday, September 16, 2010

Address Change... Again

Changed our mailing address with the world again...for the third time... in 6 months. Gees!

Then in a week or so, I can send our new addressES to our family and friends with a lengthy explanation of: for regular mail send here, for mail with small amounts of liquid send here, for courier mail send here. I'll give the explanation of APO/DPO and tell them even though we have a DC address and an APO, the BIG box at the post office is $2 cheaper if you send to the APO. And also stress to not write anything extra in the address! Just this address that I wrote, please please please.

Then we'll sit back and hope for Halloween candy, handwritten letters, holiday cards, PHOTOS and love from "home".
I have a habit of laying these hints on pretty thick, don't I? But as another hint to those smart senders, Bangladesh is the garment capital and has stellar freshwater pearls.

I'm just saying... if you play your cards right...


  1. Hey, hope you don't mind, a brief mention today...and the zoo pics are finally up!

  2. What do I have to send you from Jerusalem to bribe my way onto your address e-mail?