Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tidbits of our new home

I am BEYOND chomping at the bit for details and pictures of our new home in Dhaka. Today we got a tidbit of info, but are waiting on the official notice and details. After months of hearing from people "oh, you have a kid, so surely you'll get a house and not an apartment", I was starting to convince myself the same. And since the only 2 things we really asked for on the housing questionaire were "a yard" and "sunlight", I thought we had a chance at a house.

... we were assigned an apartment. Ug.

All in all though, what I've been able to find about it looks super nice. And the neighborhood is very nice and near a park with a lake (not a lot of park space in Dhaka). So though I REALLY WANTED a yard for gardening and family play, guess I can learn to garden in containers and we can go to the park to play.

Hope to get happy details next week :)


  1. everything is starting to come together! we were sorely disappointed in the option of a flat (apartment) vs. the 4 acres of yard that we left back in Ohio.

    We've adjusted (and the honest truth is that it's so hot here, that outside play really is limited anyway).

    Can't wait to see pics!!

  2. When's your first day? We haven't heard yet about our future Dhaka home, and we start in about a month.... I really want to know whether or not I have kitchen storage or more than one bathroom, etc... :)

  3. Does the lake have fish or is it the kind of lake you never want to be near? Ceiba is so easily flexible that I think she will enjoy the park and the fabulous kids she will become friends with. Sorry to hear about the no house though!

  4. sorry you didn't get what you were hoping for, but hope it will turn out to be the best option after all. I will be looking forward to pics.

  5. We miss having a yard very much. Green space is hard to come by in Manila too. We love having an apartment though because you are responsible for so much less. You might really enjoy it.