Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spontaneous Combustion

Our credit card is on the verge of combustion. Think we are overcompensating for the plan to hunker down in Bangladesh, knowing there won't be a lot to purchase when we get there. We've been to the mall 3 times this week, not to mention Target, Best Buy, Trader Joe's, REI, etc.  Seems anything we like enough to take a second look at, we just go ahead and throw it in the cart... especially in the Disney Store. Good lord, the child has added to her collection of toys and recently has added several fun dress up outfits. It will be a good thing to get us out of range from nice malls for a while!

My camera arrived this week, HALLELUJAH! Now I just have to remember how to use it. And quick! There will be a plethora of colors and sites before my eyes in mere days. So we stopped at the bookstore (twice, Barnes and Noble & Borders) where I grabbed a photography book to TRY to educate myself. Hopefully I can read it during the 18+ hours of flying time. I've keep wanting to take a photography class, just still haven't gotten to it yet.

Also bit the bullet and bought a MAC computer today!!!! Wasn't really in the plan of purchases prior to departure, but necessary. My laptop has been firing blanks for about a month. This morning it took 6 tries to boot, and last week we took it to the Geek Squad, who gave a weak diagnosis. Didn't think dealing with a sick laptop on top of all the life changing events would be the best idea. I have a lot to learn about my new Mac.


  1. You'll LOVE the mac. I'm so glad I switched. Everything is so easy to use...

  2. congrats! I'm still trying to talk my guy into making the leap to a proper desktop from our MacBook. I am terrified it will be overloaded in the not so distant future.
    Did you buy a DSLR book? If so I'd love to hear which one and what you think of it. I have SO much to learn about mine and it seems to keep getting bumped down my list.
    Have fun with your new toys!!

  3. Oh yes, Macs rule the world. Big time.

    Thinking of you as you prepare for your new journey. You are so amazingly organized. I wish I was half the woman you are.

  4. Eve, I looked at a bunch of books, but went with Understanding Exposure- 3rd edition by Bryan Peterson. I haven't cracked it yet, plane reading material (I hope). I need to learn about aperture and shutter speed. I LOVE to take photos and be creative, but SO need to learn the ropes of my camera and photography in general.

    Kolbi, good to see you the other night :) You flatter me, thanks. Not really sure if it's organization or true OCD, but it is helpful for moving! Tks

  5. Ah... another Mac person. Love ours! And yes, the credit card meltdown. Amazing how it still manages to work, despite all its usage just prior to the big moves!