Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Turn back the dial...

Just kidding. Though we are under the 3 week mark, I wouldn't turn back the dial for more time. No way! This family is ready to rock and roll, to get on a plane and start an exciting (and probably crazy) new adventure in Bangladesh! Ceiba is also happy to point out our "new house in Bangladesh" on the globe everynight before bedtime.

I've been absent as of late, because we've had family in town over the last two weeks. Can say we all had a great time and wished it could have lasted longer! I'll write more on that later when I can add some pics....which I cannot do now because I'm lying lazily in bed, away from my external drive. And  a nice place to be since I've had the Mucinex guys running around in my chest for days and my brain ready to thump out of my head. Ah, good times, especially when planning your life to leave the country. Think I'm coming around to good health again :)

We do officially have our housing assignment... and no, it is not a house, but an apartment. Honestly though, we are SUPER excited about it! The only pic we received was a front street shot, so won't post it for security reasons. But with room for guests (or extra room for us since we think zero people are dying to visit) and a convenient location, we think we'll love our time there. And let's just say that with a rooftop terrace and 6 verandas off our living area, I'm sure I can have enough soil in pots to keep my manicure ruined and greens on the table. Will post pics when we arrive and again when our HHE shipments arrive, and it becomes cozier. So plan on pics around Christmas!

Confirmed the first HHE shipment is ready to ship out soon, and after 2 inland drays, 4 vessels and a rail move, we hope to see it just before Thanksgiving. I got the booking number from State today and did my own work to get all the transit info and vessel details. Nice to put the years of ocean shipping to work for us. Chris laughed at the dinner table when I told him I had on online chat with the vessel operator's customer service rep and got all the ETD/ETAs, feeder vessels and via ports. Miss my old work... sometimes :) The other HHE and UAB will pack out of here in 2 weeks, and we'll probably be lucky to have the last of it by Christmas.

So bought some Halloween goodies to get us by for this year, since we won't have our things in time. And continuing to sort a drawer or a shelf or (on a good day) a room at a time until we ship out.


  1. You are rocking this!! Keep calm and carry on!

  2. exciting! You could probably do a side business tracking FSO shipments down for them, since you speak the language it seems!
    Good luck finalizing it all.

  3. It's the fellow Dhaka-bound spouse here... I wonder if we're in the same building, we only got a front view too... is there a guy painting a balcony in the shot?

    Anyway, you're lucky to have such shipping skills, we're hoping for a pre-Xmas delivery too.