Sunday, March 9, 2014

Addolorata Cemetery, Malta

A few months ago, when driving to the south end of the island, we passed a cemetery perched high on the hillside outside of Paola/Valletta. It enthralled and moved me, just to pass by. With its location, I could only view it for a moment, its crypts and stone solemn and beautiful, all the love and memories resting on that hillside. It was important to me to return alone and walk down the paths, to feel the lives there and digest the beauty. 
Often people are puzzled by the day of the dead dolls I love or the jewelry I wear. Cemeteries are no different, I find comfort and beauty in the dead. Not in a weird way, just in the memories, beauty and history it means. Maybe losing my family young made me find comfort and love for others who've been lost. 
This cemetery is beautiful and a testament of the remaining love and care for those who've left this Earth. I hope those reading will see its beauty also. 

Window, flowers, art and protectors:


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