Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ta'Qali Craft Village

Almost every weekend now, Chris & I have a date (YIPPEE!). With our beloved babysitter saving for her first car and the girls always begging for her to play, we rotate weekends to have a daytime date one week and an evening date the next.
Today, Chris and I enjoyed a day away, but much to our dismay, the weather did not accommodate to our plans for a hike along a patch of shoreline we've been dying to discover. The wind and rain were to cold, so we stayed more inland. We grabbed fresh veggies at the weekend Ta'Qali market and then chose to hit a Craft Village in the same area.
We have company due next month, so are trying to line up some interesting things for them to do. Both of us had been wanting to see what was in the artisan area, so we dropped in on a few - stones, silver filigree, ceramics, clothing, glassworks and more. Our favorite was the stone shop, with rocks and fossils of all kinds. I picked up a cool black fossil ring, but passed on the beautiful ceramic plates I liked, as they were 100-1000 euro. Ouch, I'll wait and buy in Turkey or Mexico instead again some day.
 The village was built in in military buildings along the Ta'Qali airfield from WWII. It makes for a neat environment, just be sure to beat the tour buses.

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