Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mdina and Sharma Indian Cuisine

On our day date, after the trip to Ta'Qali Craft Village, we drove 5 minutes over to the Mdina. It's called the "Silent City" and is one of the highest points in Malta and was once the capitol of Malta. The city was a fortress through many battles and was believed to have been founded before 4000 BC. For more history on the amazing city of Mdina, look here.

We walked down the narrow streets and admired the alleys, built with bends to slow cannon fire. The lookout from the city walls onto the valley below was beautiful, but it was also so interesting to see what the view from a fortress wall looks like, as Chris said as we approached the edge. So much history lies within these city walls.

The cold wind and spitting rain forced us inside for lunch, while our stomachs did not disagree. We opted for the Sharma Restaurant, offering an Indian/Middle Eastern palate. Several people had spoken highly of their food, and it popped up right in front of us, so we climbed the stairs for a try. The decor was amazing and food did not disappoint. I was kind of surprised for Chris to agree to the choice of cuisine, due to our time living in the region, but he too heard amazing reviews.
 We ate samosas (yum), naan bread (regular and garlic), hummus, chicken tikka masala w/ basmati rice and lamb shwarma. All of the food was fantastic! We brought leftovers home for our babysitter to taste; we enjoyed showing her new foods and talking travel.

As we headed out, we stopped at the National Museum of Natural History. We had purchases a Malta Heritage family pass, which gets us into many sites admission free. The museum is no competition for Chicago or Washington DC, but we still enjoyed a tour. (Do you see the Avocet below?!)
We popped into the Tourism office for a stack of options for potential company and swung by the garden center for more plants, pots and soil to spruce up the balconies. Great way to salvage a cold, rainy day! 

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