Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10

70 years ago today, the world welcomed an amazing woman. Taken too soon, but so influential in the lives she touched, then and now. Her memory, spirit, love of nature & family and cooking skills  live on in her daughters, grandchildren (even those who never got the joy to meet her) and all those who loved her. Missing her today and everyday, but so thankful for the 27 years for hugs and lessons.
On our birthdays, we were always so excited to help Mom make our favorite dinner, tradition in our house growing up. So today, since I don't have bluegill to fry (LOL!), we will eat slow cooked pot roast and potatoes... and she will smile in approval.

So though the girls don't realize why my mind is a bit preoccupied today, I will celebrate in my own small way. 

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  1. A sweet tribute to your mom! We too have the 'favorite birthday meal' tradition, which changes often due to post limitations or bonuses. I like how you keep her memory alive through that so your children keep her memory too.