Sunday, May 24, 2015

Blue Grotto with guests

A couple weeks ago, we had house guests. I've posted on FB a few times about visitors and how anyone interested in our casual B&B to get on the ball, because our time here is coming to an end after the summer. A handful have taken us up on the offer.

These friends began the Foreign Service near the same time as us, and we were neighbors (and pool pals) while we lived at the Oakwood apartments in Virginia in 2010. At the time, their son was only about a year and a half old, while Ceiba has just turned 3. Though they really didn't remember anything from that time, they became instant buddies on the trip.

We've gone to Blue Grotto several times, usually just seeing the falconry man and having a bite to eat. For some reason, I thought the boat ride would be pricey, and we were usually there in snotty or chilly weather.
When the gang arrived, a boat ride into Blue Grotto was a must do on both of our lists. The tickets were cheap, no lines, the scenery stunning, and we all just really had a great time!
(Each of the kids enjoyed driving. Ceti is territorial of her new beau E)
(The grotto is stunning! Lovebirds and breakfast of champions below)
 (The area around the boat dock is really pretty, small and quaint. The kids loved the bicycles!)
(Really happy we did NOT look like the "caution overboard" bunch before us. Whiplash crew!)

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