Monday, May 25, 2015

Homemade Limoncello

Our neighbors have several lemon trees and reciprocate hospitality of our baked items to them with a constant supply of lemons back to us, when they're in season. We love having them on the ready for lemonade or just to jazz up dinner.

I think the Mediterranean bug bit Chris. All those lemons, a love for brewing and some beautiful wine vessels we picked up at a junk sale a few months ago was too much to ignore.

We also had 3 liters of 95% grain alcohol (White Lightnin') we picked up in Sicily on our October trip for the very reason of making limoncello. That stuff has flammable stickers on it!
And will knock you straight on your ass!!! ... just to smell it. It is NOT for the faint of heart.

He researched... as he does in these masculine projecty times, finding the goods here. He gently peeled the lemons, sure to not have a spot of white pithing. He meticulously filtered the alcohol. He joined and soaked the peels/alcohol and sealed them away inro the dark and cool corners of the kitchen for 45 days, gently rolling the jars every couple days (that is the only tiny role I played, peel roller). After 45 days, he filtered the liquid about 3 times, added simple syrup (chilled to room temperature) and then condemned the concoction to the far recesses again to sit for another 45 days.

We sipped at the beginning... holy dragon fire!
We sipped at Day 45... harsh throat burn, just like Grandpa curing the flu, but with a beautiful hint of lemon.
We sipped at Day 90... it's official, we are meant to live in the Mediterranean!

He nailed it!
We might not bottle and sell it, but we definitely can please some friends and make an impression... if there's any left (he has a tiny cold glass after the girls are in bed each night).

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