Sunday, May 24, 2015

Malta Finale with guests

Our friends stayed with us a couple nights, a chill visit, multiple cooks (and cleaners!) in the kitchen, kids milling about, outings and laughs. They were AMAZING house guests, so thoughtful (brought us Bulgarian goodies), helpful (cooking, bed making, pulled linens upon leaving, etc.) and just felt like we'd been friends (or even family) forever. Being in the same work/life overseas environments maybe helps with learning the unspoken book of etiquette, but I think they are just great people and would've done all this regardless.
We hiked one of our favorite trails at Xemxija, by the bee apiaries. We also visited Mellieha Bay (when Paradise was too windy), historic Valletta, did an underground tour and had a night out for sushi sans kids!
They moved into town half way into their stay to see a different perspective of the island. But we all enjoyed the visit so much, that we still kept meeting up for outings and dinners right up until they left. Hopefully we'll get to Bulgaria (not likely...) before we leave this fall, but if not, we'll be sure to cross paths whenever location allows.

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  1. How nice to have fun guests! Maybe someday we'll be posted to a place people will actually want to visit. ;)

    You say you guys are leaving this fall? Do you have your onward assignment yet?