Thursday, January 28, 2010

25 Random Things

A friend had this still in notes on their Facebook. I smiled to re-read it from oddly almost exactly a year ago. Here's a little "get to know me" session. I'm a total nerd :)

25 Random Things (written Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 9:45pm)

1. There are not enough hours in the day, nor energy in me to accomplish all my to-do's on any given day. Guess I need to plan better and work out more... ug.

2. I won a cat from my teacher in a drawing in 3rd grade, which much to my dismay was eaten by coyotes shortly thereafter.

3. I was put on this earth to hang from the jungle canopy researching plants or dive the oceans discovering new invertebrates. Until our child/children are grown, I'm content to garden in the greenhouse or observe in an aquarium...and teach them all the while.

4. I LOVE to mushroom hunt!

5. The most beautiful photos, I believe, do not contain people.

6. I was the kid who never cried in school. Now I can cry at a commercial on tv or passing an ambulance on the highway.

7. I used to sit in the barn and peel the shells off of quail eggs until they looked like grapes- for fun.

8. Our daughter was conceived in my heart.

9. I dislike coffee, but find smelling in the coffe aisle to be WOW WOW WOW!

10. I once won an award for Best Succulent from the Henry Shaw Cactus and Succulent Society.

11. I learned to salsa dance by watching a dvd in our living room on cold winter nights with good friends. (run on sentence!)

12. My husband is my best friend, even though he grabs my pressure points and handcuffs me for his own fun.

13. I booked our driver in Cambodia by sending an email from Lonely Planet. We ate snails with him and lived to tell about it. Everyday he said "you are even more beautiful today than you were yesterday". Good find, aye?

14. I miss my mom every second of my life.

15. Ceiba is to Samantha (my niece) as Samantha is to me (in age).

16. I am the world's easiest movie critic- just give me good scenery.

17. I carried a snapping turtle home on my first date/hike with Chris, and he still married me.

18. I like possums- they're cute.

19. I grew up in a cornfield until I was 19, and now can't wait to see this whole, great, wonderful world. Making progress year by year.

20. I LOVEEEEE to fish (minnow to marlin)!!!

21. I've had the joys of riding an elephant through the jungle, diving vast oceans, seeing bears in the wild, had whales breach before me, and have been swimming with manatees and rays.

22. I had braces at 30, which helped me get skinny. The braces came off... figure it out. (noted to self, see note 1)

23. I enticed a dyckia brevifolia to bloom, collected seed and propagated new seedlings. Some men find that sexier than being a size 6 (when you find one, let me know- ha ha ha).

24. I love white cake WAY better than chocolate, but hey... cake is cake.

25. I might not wake up one day, so I'll take experience over money in the bank any day.

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