Thursday, January 28, 2010


OK, so San Diego isn't really exotic, but if you live in the Midwest, it's an awefully nice destination. We took a week trip out west the fall of 2004, spending Halloween and my birthday in San Diego and a few days south in Mexico.
San Diego has to be our favorite US destination, and we LOVE Mexico.

TOP: (left) Chris & Denise near La Jolla, (center) Rosarita, MX, (rt) Chris at Los Rocas Beach
BOTTOM: (left) Denise at Quail Botanical Gardens, (center) ship, (rt) Denise at Scripps Oceanographic Inst.

The Quail Botanical Gardens and Scripps Oceanographic Institute were both beautiful. We spent my birthday at area greenhouses, buying plants to take home. Chris was nice and carried boxes for me all day.

We met up with old friends DBs and Char on Halloween. I went to the restroom and came back to this (below).
Shield your eyes! It was late, Halloween and several drinks later. And I can't blame her; he is easy on the eyes!

Our time in Mexico was spent as usual, eating and relaxing by the pool or ocean.
I can never get over how beautiful the Pacific is - it's rocky shore and beautiful sunsets.

TOP: (left) Los Rocas Beach, (center) Denise & Chris at Los Rocas, (rt) Razor State Park
BOTTOM: (left) Denise plant hunting, (center) our hotel, (rt) Chris & Denise in Mexico

In Puerto Nuevo, one morning we were one of the first tourists to arrive for the day. Several restaurant owners verbally battled each other in the street to give us the best deal and gain us for their first customer of the day.
We finally made it inside and to the rooftop for amazing langostas, margaritas and fresh tortillas.
Not many meals have ever topped that one!

ABOVE: (left) lunchtime in Puerto Nuevo, (center) agave, (rt) Chris relaxing
BOTTOM: (left) Denise & harbor seals at La Jolla, (center) Scripps Pier, (rt) us at Razor S.P.

Every time we visit San Diego or Mexico, it's wonderful!
Heck, but I guess every time we travel our mind is just happy seeing something new!
Happy Travels :)

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