Saturday, January 30, 2010

Visiting Mode

I think subconsciously we're gearing up for leaving. It feels like we and those around us are in "visit mode". We saw Chris & Ann last week, which was the first time really since Chris left. Gosh, do we miss them. They are those friends that you may not see for a while, but always feel so comfortable to just be in the same room. They're our handpicked family... and we love them.

(left) old pic of Ann, Chris, Denise, Chris -  (right) Auntie Fran & Ceiba

Bill and Fran came by this week with pizzas & a Christmas present for Ceiba. They've always been close, but I think losing Mom made Fran feel like she needs to look in on us more often. Ceiba sees them as great aunt and uncle. Bill really misses Chris to talk coins and cop stuff. We laugh most of the time we're together!

And tonight my sister Sheila came down to visit. It's near impossible for us to get to see her and also hard for her to get away from her farm. Ceiba was under the weather tonight, but loved meeting her aunt in person instead of pictures. Carrie came over too, and we all had dinner and a great visit. I know as we set out with the Foreign Service, it will get more difficult to get all of our families together at one time. Have been trying to grab the camera more often these days.

(left) Carrie, Ceiba, Sheila, Denise - (right) Denise and Ceiba

So though we are still waiting for the house to sell and the green light to leave IL, I know we're trying to visit as much as we can. When we see everyone, I nag them to get their passports and sense of adventure ready to come visit us!

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  1. Love this picture with Sheila. She looks good. So happy she was able to visit.