Monday, January 18, 2010

ATTENTION all lurkers

Hey, you know who you are!

Drop a comment from time to time. It fuels the creative fires and entices me to keep writing. It lets me know I'm not talking to myself (though I re-read each posting a million times... sad, isn't it?). I have been basically alone with a toddler and working full-time for just shy of 3 months now, but hope I am not to that talking to myself mode just yet.

Now come on! I've added happy posts, tear jerkers, love, travel posts with pics and adorable baby photos.
What more do you demand of me?!

The security is set to allow anyone to comment. And unless I get a bunch of crazies starting to follow, it'll stay open to all visitors. So you don't have to create an account (even though it's easy) or be a "follower". Just go to the little 0 COMMENTS at the end of each posting and click on it. Then just blab til your heart's content. If you don't have an account and are anonymous, pls just sign at least a name, so I know who you are (and where please if you have an exotic location!).

The traffic feed and counter were added to make myself feel fuzzy knowing there are visitors, even if they only choose to lurk. And to be honest, I have lurked many a foreign service website as well, though getting better about saying "hi" and giving my feedback to fellow bloggers out there. Call it my online soap opera. Who knows, maybe we'll cross paths or get assigned to post together.

And if you are family or friends who enjoy keeping up with us and don't reciprocate...
well, I'll ban you from the blog just like I've deselected from my Christmas card list.
Ha ha... only kidding...well kind of... no really... just kidding.

I like that you enjoy keeping up with us, even if only from the quiet recesses of the internet world.
But we'd like to keep up with you too.
Keep reading, because I am enjoying writing... even if I do end up just talking to myself :)


  1. See... you CAN DO IT!
    Thank you ;)

  2. Hi - Thanks for stopping by my blog! Good luck as you get started in the FS. Beautiful pictures!

  3. I came across your blog from another feed. I'm from a cornfield too! Good luck on your journey.

  4. Anything with "corn" in the title will catch my attention! And thanks for the note, it does make one feel good knowing there are visitors but nothing beats an actual comment from a real live person.

    Looks like you have an awesome family. Miami should be a nice post, and allow for lots of spanish-speaking. Is the picture from Cambodia? I'll try to swing by and comment every once in awhile.

  5. Yes, the title pic is from Cambodia- the Temples at Angkor. We visited in 2007 and LOVED it.

    Will also continue to visit your site. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. You are extremely creative in your writing! Please make sure you and Ceiba and Minh-Tam will get together before you move away for good. It is hard to keep up with blog, facebook, work and baby. You are doing well. I can't find you on Skype. Georgina is taking Spanish lessons. Soon, habla espanol? Si! Take care, For Cassie, it's Looking forward to seeing you and Ceiba soon.

  7. Saw your post on FLETC, and sounds like it hasn't changed since Pete's time, 12 years ago. Hope everything is moving along smoothly for the move to Miami. We are still slightly undecided about our (well, 4/5) destination, and yet the packers will be here in May/June? Ah, such is life in the FS, right?