Thursday, January 7, 2010


So I finally dragged my external hard drive upstairs from where it was previously connected to our dinosaur of a desktop. I've only had digital since 2002, so prior photos were on film and are now in albums.

Thought it'd be fun to pick older digital albums and post random travel or fun pics periodically. Wish I had time to scan older film photos, but let's be realistic... I only do this much because I can lie in bed in a near vegetative state WAY too late at night  :)

So with no further delay, pls see a few favorite pics from the first digital archive: SAINT KITTS, BWI

Chris's brother Brian and wife Kathleen were there for 2 years while Brian attended veterinary school. We sadly were only able to visit once, as we were entreprenuers at the time. It was SUCH a great time! Though the island is considerably more tourist minded now, it was very quiet when we were there.

St. Kitts is only 5 miles by 20 miles. The drive around the island can be done in easily under 2 hours. So what did we do for the 12 days we were there?.... snorkeling, snorkeling and more snorkeling interweaved with the occasional trip to OTI Hotel for steel drum bands (loved them) and eating excursions.

Denise/Kathleen at Fort Brimstone (rt),
Our men providing (below rt), Hiking Mt. Liamuiga jungle trails (below left)

           Flamboyant Tree (above left)
Denise, Chris, Bri and Kathleen at Ballast Bay (above right)

Our host gift was a giant suitcase bursting at the seams with all the food we could pack. It was like Christmas for Brian and Kathleen to open noodles, cereal, cookies, candy, etc when we arrived. I packed a pretty pajama set for Kathleen's birthday; you'd think we'd given her a car, she was so excited. The laundry seemed to eat their clothes. Am sure we'll be asking them to pack up some goodies for any visits they make when we're oversees (hint...hint :).

                              Up to no good! Beers and cigars at Bambu's Restaurant (left) and OTI Hotel for steel drum music (right)
The sugar cane fields along the cane road near B&K's apartment (below)

They've been back in the States (WI) for years now and will be welcoming their first baby in less than a month! Hopefully we can host as fun of a getaway to all of them in the coming years.
Love you guys and fondly reminisce on our time in St. Kitts.



  1. the tiny crawdad of a lobster in the very bottom of the lobster in the sand picture was caught by denise (you have to look very close). this poor baby of a lobster was probably barely three days old. Kidding. Denise said everything looks bigger underwater. love you dear. ;)

  2. Hi! You posted on our blog a while, and I've been so busy but did want to say hello! I don't mind at all that you've added us, and I have since been reading yours. Life is pretty exciting for us both I gather right now! That is cool that your hubby is a specialist, we find out our first post on the 29th! I'd love it if our paths crossed sometime. Good luck with your house, hope everything is going great.