Wednesday, January 27, 2010

City Museum ~ NEW Baby!

On Saturday, we took an impromptu trip to the St. Louis City Museum.
Eric, Michelle & Cora were free, so joined us for a few hours.
The girls had a ball checking out all the colors and sculptures!

                                                  (left) Ceiba and me, (right) WILD Ceiba

We spent a few hours running amuk! Ceiba crashed in the car on the way home and napped a few hours before going to Gma & Gpa's to spend the night.

I'm getting better at letting Ceiba do overnights... though it's wierd to be without her. Gma & Gpa really enjoy her staying over, and I know our time in IL is drawing to a close (if the darn house would sell).

And... I guess it's good for me to have time to rejuvenate too. Saturday night, my cousin Linda and I had dinner at Wang Gang accompanied by nearly 5 hours of conversation and topped off with the late 3-D showing of Avatar. TERRIFIC night! It's been some time since I've walked in the door after 1 AM!

Our Friday overnight date got re-arranged to Satuday due to the NEW BABY!! B&K welcomed baby Brogan on 1/21/10. Everyone is doing great and all are settled in at home :) We are so excited that he is finally here!

(left) Ceiba - rough as a boy!, (center) Eric/Michelle/Cora, (right) the girls taking a break

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