Thursday, March 25, 2010

Move In vs. Move Out Day

Isn't it amazing how move in day and move out day look so similar, but feel so very different? We moved into our "dream" house in October 2005, filled with relief and excitement, anxious to settle down and have a family.

Today we leave, over 4 years later, the excitement is still here, but now for a new home and a new chapter in life. The memories are great.  We've started our family here, shared moments with friends and family, cried goodbyes and so enjoyed our short time.

To throw into the wind for this new job and crazy lifestyle has taken some cahones for us. Comfort and security are hard assets to walk away from. We hope life continues to be the great journey it has been thus far.

So for now...goodbye loving family... goodbye cherished friends...goodbye house we've loved...goodbye Illinois....
until we meet again, we love you.

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