Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tumbleweed and Troll Wednesday

If I find one more cat hair tumbleweed under a piece of furniture I'll lose my mind. And I can't begin to tell you how much loose change I've found here and there. I think, on average, I'm making about 20 cents an hour. Score!

(above: some moving prep work last weekend, before we sold the ladders)

The organization is coming right along, though am sure a wrench will fall into the works before we depart for DC next week. Did some videotaping of "stuff" this week. Though it isn't HGTV quality, it will do for documenting purposes.

There are canary pads scatttered about with lists, lists and more lists - UAB (unaccompanied air freight), HHE (household effects), in the car, before Monday, sold to be picked up, donate, trash, errands. Pretty soon I'll be scheduling bathroom breaks and showers.

Speaking of showers, I had one today. Score again!!! Let's just say it had been a "few" days and for the trip to preschool this morning I donned a fashionable DS ballcap. And of course it's on days like today that the prettiest, most put-together mom wants to stop and talk to me, right? So here is frumpy me with knockout her, but low and behold she stops me because: 1) our kiddo is adopted and so is hers and 2) she wants to hear about our "exciting" move and Chris's neat job. So though I may have looked like a troll, we are "cool". And hey, at least I jazzed up the do with lipstick before going in. Maybe the dazzling conversation left a more permanent impression than the speaker. One can hope! If it's any consolation to myself, the nice lady at the courthouse said I "got it goin' on" regarding my attire while getting copies of our marriage certificate before leaving Dodge. Hey thanks courthouse lady!

So the organization continues! I am a morning person, so I'm happy to report daily progress is well made before 10AM. The "toss" piles exceed the "keep" piles and the packers may have plenty of time for donuts on Monday.  I'm down to finishing the UAB corner and final touches to the garage, master bedroom closet and bathroom misc. Now if I don't get diverted, we should be all comfortable and ready for Monday.

(left/right: downsized greenhouse collection ready for the road, middle: spare bedrm organized)

Our driveway is hilly (steep), curvy and tree lined, so they'll have to shuttle everything to the main road. So while they'll smile at the interior, they'll cuss all the way to the trailer.

(left: driveway when we were building, right: Ceiba & Kong playing last weekend)

Throw a penny in the fountain for us during our first packout!


  1. As long as the don't pack a full diaper genie or forget to empty the sugar bowl, you will be golden.

    Thinking of you!

  2. You did NOT look like a TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasn't there or anything, but I can say this with much authority!

    I'm sorry, but I just burst out laughing on that one!

    This was a great post. I know you're up to your neck in alligators.

    You SOLD the LADDER?! Good Lord, woman! You are amazing!

    I can't even hold a candle to you...

    And Jen - a full diaper genie!?! ROTFL!!!! That's the BEST!

    I literally heard of one packout where the movers packed the full HAM that was on the counter in the kitchen for a meal and the people didn't see their ham again until weeks later when it arrived at post!

  3. I should have clarified, they didn't actually pack it, but came very, very, very close. The quote was, "This seems kind of heavy!" Never mind they weren't supposed to be packing out that room, but that was another story.

    The sugar bowl actually scared us more, as I unpacked our china boxes only to find everything covered in a fine, white powder....

  4. just found your blog while poring through all of the life after jerusalem links. got a little misty eyed a few times. Thanks for sharing your experience and congratulations on joining your husband in DC- we are slated to arrive in early May! see you there!?

  5. It's Friday, and that means that the Fifth Weekly State Department Blog Roundup is up - and you're on it!

    Here is the link:

    (If I quoted your text or used your photo(s) and you would rather I had not, please let me know. Please also be sure to check the link(s) that I put up to you, in order to verify that they work properly. If you would rather that I had not referenced you, and/or do not want me to reference you in the future, please also contact me.)