Monday, March 8, 2010

On a whim

We booked Chris a flight home to spend a 3 day weekend. They worked Sunday, so get Friday off.
It wasn't planned, it isn't justified financially and it isn't 'necessary' (since we join him in less than a month).

But it is WANTED.

We do not intend to be people who leave this earth with a bank full of money, but we hope to never have collectors at the door either. This short visit doesn't have a justifiable reason, just that it means a few more smiles and happy times for our family. We don't need to validate by saying that the sell-our-stuff money or leftover per diem money will cover it. We just need to sit back and enjoy it.

And I need another set of hands to get the 10' marlin down off the wall before pack out in TWO weeks...
especially since the ladders are sold and will be picked up in ONE week. Ahh, the logistics. We mush on!!

Playing over last weekend


  1.'ll need that little extra bit of relaxation to help you muscle through your impending pack out.

    There is always a lonnnnnng list of why we shouldn't do something "frivilous" and such a short list of why we should. Good for you for going by the shorter list!


  2. And YES ... it WAS a dead palm tree in my last post!

  3. Awwww.... hope you guys have a fabulous, wonderful, amazing couple of days!

    The separation will soon be over... Keep me posted on the arrangements. I'll be interested to hear what you choose to while in DC and how the details go!