Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our new (temporary) digs

Here we are in Virginia! Settling in nicely and enjoying the new stay-at-home-mom adventure! Our apartment is great and the weather is a few weeks ahead of IL. The famous cherry blossoms have started blooming!

Some pics of our new home are below, prior to UAB delivery. I should've taken the pics when we first walked in the door, when it was pristine clean :)

(TOP: left to right, our courtyard, Ceiba's rm, Ceiba's hallway to bath)
(BTM: left to right, in apt laundry, kitchen, Ceiba's bath)


  (left: kitchen/liv rm, rt: our view of pool)

Our bedroom is similar to Ceiba's, and our bath has double sink and shower vs tub. TONS of closet space. We face south, which is sunny and nice for my plants. I managed to bring about 30 with us.


Our UAB (above) arrived Tuesday, so we are much more homey now. The complex is hosting an egg hunt on Saturday, we've been grocery shopping and have found several nice parks. Making ourselves right at home :)


  1. Welcome to the Commonwealth! Good luck as Flag Day will be here sooner than you can imagine.

  2. Your place looks really nice! Have a Happy Easter....Chic!

  3. deb said

    i told you i don't know how to do this!!!

  4. 30 plants??!? A woman after my own heart. What next? Can you take them overseas?

  5. I finally made the blog. The new apartment looks nice! Miss you guys :( Had to sign on and see what's been up. You must be busy - no postings for a bit. Oh well, enjoy the three of you being back together again. Love all the pics you've sent. Love and miss you lots! xxoo to Ceiba