Sunday, March 14, 2010

Unemployed and almost homeless

Generally those words would scare me, but at the moment they are splendid (ok, but still a little scary).

Friday was my last day at work. And going forward, I'm not sure when I'll work (for a salary) again. The plan is - not for a while and maybe even not until our kid(s) are in school. Except of course, if our house sale falls through, and we are faced with a mortgage in IL and a FL rent payment. In which case I may need to work for a little while until the house sells. So yes, we do have an offer on the house... but, much to our dismay, it does come with a contingency. So this lady won't sing until the papers are signed. In the mindset that it might not happen in this crazy economy, then if it does work out we'll be all the happier.

For now, it's out of our control and there are plenty of other projects jockeying for my time.

The moving company comes to preinspect tomorrow. And we start packout a week from tomorrow. Holy cow! It seems like just yesterday we were stalking the mail for Chris's invitation to interview. It's still surreal.

We had a great time with Chris home for the weekend! This is the first time Ceiba didn't cry at the airport. She's getting used to seeing him come and go, and we think she's really starting to understand. Now I hope leaving our family and friends in a little over a week will go as smoothly. I think Ceiba will do ok, but Mama better have on all things waterproof that day.


  1. Oh I'm hoping that sale goes THROUGH without a hitch!!

  2. Oh (((honey))).

    I also hope that the sale goes through... and I'm glad your daughter was okay at the airport. I used to Fall. Apart. when my children did. It's so hard.

    Won't be long now until you guys are back together again! Woohoo!!

  3. Ok, so please remind me...WHERE do you go after your pack out in (yikes) one week? Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you that the sale goes through!


  4. We head to DC for about 2 months and then go down to Miami at the end of May... or that's the tentative plan at the moment :)