Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making up for lost time :)

(TOP: L to R- our first morning in VA, fun unpacking, park by our apt)
(BTM: L to R- playdough fun, bath time, more playdough time)

Our new (temporary) digs

Here we are in Virginia! Settling in nicely and enjoying the new stay-at-home-mom adventure! Our apartment is great and the weather is a few weeks ahead of IL. The famous cherry blossoms have started blooming!

Some pics of our new home are below, prior to UAB delivery. I should've taken the pics when we first walked in the door, when it was pristine clean :)

(TOP: left to right, our courtyard, Ceiba's rm, Ceiba's hallway to bath)
(BTM: left to right, in apt laundry, kitchen, Ceiba's bath)


  (left: kitchen/liv rm, rt: our view of pool)

Our bedroom is similar to Ceiba's, and our bath has double sink and shower vs tub. TONS of closet space. We face south, which is sunny and nice for my plants. I managed to bring about 30 with us.


Our UAB (above) arrived Tuesday, so we are much more homey now. The complex is hosting an egg hunt on Saturday, we've been grocery shopping and have found several nice parks. Making ourselves right at home :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore

Okay, we aren't in Illinois anymore.
Went to the grocery store and chuckled to myself at the difference between DC and IL.
Didn't realize there were that many bakery items containing meat.
You would not likely see the below at your local Shop 'N Save!
Ah, the Midwest, land of the carnivores.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

IL to VA - the trek

All went well until we got to Columbus...
We hit the city around 5PM, and shortly thereafter a big Dodge PU hit us. Family if you are reading this, we purposely did not tell you as did not want you to worry. We were fine, just one pi**ed off mama. Not what I wanted to deal with, but happy no injuries. So my first week will now involve a rental car, new bumper and new hatch door for our beloved SUV. Urrggg.

So we camped out shortly after the accident in Cambridge OH. Thought about taking the plants in, but was afraid to open the hatch for fear it would not reclose. Good idea, because it wouldn't have. Chris assured me it wouldn't get too cold for the plants. Woke up to this:

We trek on!

Move In vs. Move Out Day

Isn't it amazing how move in day and move out day look so similar, but feel so very different? We moved into our "dream" house in October 2005, filled with relief and excitement, anxious to settle down and have a family.

Today we leave, over 4 years later, the excitement is still here, but now for a new home and a new chapter in life. The memories are great.  We've started our family here, shared moments with friends and family, cried goodbyes and so enjoyed our short time.

To throw into the wind for this new job and crazy lifestyle has taken some cahones for us. Comfort and security are hard assets to walk away from. We hope life continues to be the great journey it has been thus far.

So for now...goodbye loving family... goodbye cherished friends...goodbye house we've loved...goodbye Illinois....
until we meet again, we love you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moving Days

Here are some Moving Day pics!

We managed quite well, dispite late nights, a funeral and an impromtu stay at Gma & Gpa's house. The UAB (unaccompanied air freight) packed up on Monday - 560 lbs. On Tuesday the movers/packers came and swore they'd finish in a day. We left at 2030 that night, unfinished. Returned the next day for what "should be done in 2-3 hours", and finished up at 1630. Rushed to pickup Ceiba from preschool, dash to in-laws goodbye dinner and then dash to my side of the family for visiting and an overnight.


Good packout #1, probably only 10-20 more to go :)


How I love thee. Let me count the ways.

Thanks Romie & Michelle for inventing them! Sadly, I still had to follow the packers around and write which room the contents came from. Oh well :)

**I'll be fudging the post dates a little for the last week:)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moving day Eve

The packers come tomorrow. Yippee. We're about as ready as we can be.
Hopefully the weather will cooperate, because a present it's cold & rainy.

Found out we'll be at Oakwood, but the new Pearson location, which looks really nice.
We are SO excited to be all in one home come Friday :)

Toodles... post-it notes and lists are still calling my name.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tumbleweed and Troll Wednesday

If I find one more cat hair tumbleweed under a piece of furniture I'll lose my mind. And I can't begin to tell you how much loose change I've found here and there. I think, on average, I'm making about 20 cents an hour. Score!

(above: some moving prep work last weekend, before we sold the ladders)

The organization is coming right along, though am sure a wrench will fall into the works before we depart for DC next week. Did some videotaping of "stuff" this week. Though it isn't HGTV quality, it will do for documenting purposes.

There are canary pads scatttered about with lists, lists and more lists - UAB (unaccompanied air freight), HHE (household effects), in the car, before Monday, sold to be picked up, donate, trash, errands. Pretty soon I'll be scheduling bathroom breaks and showers.

Speaking of showers, I had one today. Score again!!! Let's just say it had been a "few" days and for the trip to preschool this morning I donned a fashionable DS ballcap. And of course it's on days like today that the prettiest, most put-together mom wants to stop and talk to me, right? So here is frumpy me with knockout her, but low and behold she stops me because: 1) our kiddo is adopted and so is hers and 2) she wants to hear about our "exciting" move and Chris's neat job. So though I may have looked like a troll, we are "cool". And hey, at least I jazzed up the do with lipstick before going in. Maybe the dazzling conversation left a more permanent impression than the speaker. One can hope! If it's any consolation to myself, the nice lady at the courthouse said I "got it goin' on" regarding my attire while getting copies of our marriage certificate before leaving Dodge. Hey thanks courthouse lady!

So the organization continues! I am a morning person, so I'm happy to report daily progress is well made before 10AM. The "toss" piles exceed the "keep" piles and the packers may have plenty of time for donuts on Monday.  I'm down to finishing the UAB corner and final touches to the garage, master bedroom closet and bathroom misc. Now if I don't get diverted, we should be all comfortable and ready for Monday.

(left/right: downsized greenhouse collection ready for the road, middle: spare bedrm organized)

Our driveway is hilly (steep), curvy and tree lined, so they'll have to shuttle everything to the main road. So while they'll smile at the interior, they'll cuss all the way to the trailer.

(left: driveway when we were building, right: Ceiba & Kong playing last weekend)

Throw a penny in the fountain for us during our first packout!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Unemployed and almost homeless

Generally those words would scare me, but at the moment they are splendid (ok, but still a little scary).

Friday was my last day at work. And going forward, I'm not sure when I'll work (for a salary) again. The plan is - not for a while and maybe even not until our kid(s) are in school. Except of course, if our house sale falls through, and we are faced with a mortgage in IL and a FL rent payment. In which case I may need to work for a little while until the house sells. So yes, we do have an offer on the house... but, much to our dismay, it does come with a contingency. So this lady won't sing until the papers are signed. In the mindset that it might not happen in this crazy economy, then if it does work out we'll be all the happier.

For now, it's out of our control and there are plenty of other projects jockeying for my time.

The moving company comes to preinspect tomorrow. And we start packout a week from tomorrow. Holy cow! It seems like just yesterday we were stalking the mail for Chris's invitation to interview. It's still surreal.

We had a great time with Chris home for the weekend! This is the first time Ceiba didn't cry at the airport. She's getting used to seeing him come and go, and we think she's really starting to understand. Now I hope leaving our family and friends in a little over a week will go as smoothly. I think Ceiba will do ok, but Mama better have on all things waterproof that day.

Monday, March 8, 2010

On a whim

We booked Chris a flight home to spend a 3 day weekend. They worked Sunday, so get Friday off.
It wasn't planned, it isn't justified financially and it isn't 'necessary' (since we join him in less than a month).

But it is WANTED.

We do not intend to be people who leave this earth with a bank full of money, but we hope to never have collectors at the door either. This short visit doesn't have a justifiable reason, just that it means a few more smiles and happy times for our family. We don't need to validate by saying that the sell-our-stuff money or leftover per diem money will cover it. We just need to sit back and enjoy it.

And I need another set of hands to get the 10' marlin down off the wall before pack out in TWO weeks...
especially since the ladders are sold and will be picked up in ONE week. Ahh, the logistics. We mush on!!

Playing over last weekend

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Attention shoppers ~ we have a blue light special

Remember the childhood days at K-Mart with a cherry/coke mixed Icee in hand when the smocked lady zoomed by with the wheelie cart afixed with the blue flashing light? Shoppers followed her in delight as the intercom came on with the blue light special announcement.

We sold a LOT on Craigslist a few months ago, but still had more than we (I, as "he" is out of the loop and would be fine if I gave it all away) realized. It feels weird to sell it all to family or friends, but gees, we've got buku bucks tied up in 15 years of tools and misc.

So I hung a spreadsheet on the fridge at work today and let me tell ya.... THE SHOPPING FRENZY HAS BEGUN!

Had people at the house already tonight loading up their trucks.
Refreshing, rewarding and remorseful all at the same time.

No turning back now :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

A day in the life

Our days usually start with an arduous photo to send to Papa first thing in the morning...

Followed by needy kitties while we get ready for school.

Or on weekends, we take trips shopping sometimes...

Which of course, are usually accompanied by...

And our outings often end like this...

With our afternoons spent busy...

And our evenings...

Wow, how nice to be 2 1/2 !!!