Friday, April 10, 2015

Embassy Easter Brunch- Malta 2015

Where better to spend an Easter event, than in a sweet citrus orchard on a warm spring day in Malta. 

On Saturday, we enjoyed the company of our embassy family for brunch in the garden. The kids and bees buzzed about in the citrus grove, hopping in bags, hunting for eggs and laughing in the sunshine. Ahhh, these sweet spring days with friends.
 Mr. Easter Bunny visited and was a great sport, playing with the kids for over an hour. I think Avocet petted him most of that hour... or hung on his leg... or hugged him... or kissed him. She adored him completely!
The egg races and the sack races are always SO much fun to watch when the participants are 2-12 year olds. We have learned over the years to NOT wear our Sunday best to these sporting events ;)
The weather was very agreeable and the company and scent of the grove made for such a nice, nice morning.

Ta'Qali Playground

Ta'Qali is a large area in the middle of Malta, used as an air field around WWII. It is filled with a twice weekly Farmer's Market (know as Pitkalija, on Tuesday & Saturday), a Sunday junk market, a craft village, several parks, the US Embassy (woot woot!!), a dog park, winery and the National Stadium. You could walk for hours and still be finding things in Ta'Qali.

We've visited a couple times over the last month, as a family on the weekend and also with friends during the Easter break from school. It's nice to have wide open spaces to run and some great jungle gym areas for the kids to play.

In the summer, they also have water pads to play around/on. The embassy is one of the supporters of the park. And the OFD Summer camp that Ceti attended last summer was held here several days. It's a great place to spend the day... and the food trucks parks nearby with snacks and ice cream. There is also a nice cafe inside the park.
 (above-family wkend trip to the park side, below- friend trip to the playground side)