Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ghar Dalam

Here are some photos of prehistoric Ghar Dalam, a Heritage site in Malta that Chris & I visited a few weeks before leaving Malta.
I took this info directly from here, and so a little info about the site:
Għar Dalam’s relevance as a prehistoric site was discovered in the latter half of the 19th Century with a series of excavations unearthing animal bones as well as human remains and artifacts. The Cave is a highly important site for its Palaeontology, archaeology and ecology.
The history of the cave and that of the Islands can be decoded from Għar Dalam’s stratigraphy. The lowermost layers, more than 500,000 years old, contained the fossil bones of dwarf elephants, hippopotami, micro-mammals and birds among other species. This layer is topped by a pebble layer, and on top of it there is the so-called ‘deer’ layer, dated to around 18,000 years ago. The top layer, or ‘cultural layer’, dates less than 10,000 years and holds evidence of the first humans on the Island. It was here that the earliest evidence of human settlement on Malta, some 7,400 years ago, was discovered.

Return to America

Our Malta time has come to an end, sad but true. We are back in bountiful America, enjoying family, friends and fall. So many thoughts, but few quiet moments, so I leave it at this.
Had to add this note, to ground myself for future reading. The mass postings need to begin, out of sequencial order, but if I don't post, my computer won't be able to take any more photo uploading!!

On to repatriotization... and grocery store overwhelming.