Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dia de los muertas

If you know me well, you know of my love for dia de los muertas, or Day of the Dead dolls. I love the history of Mexico's honoring their dead and just the beauty of the art of crafting these dolls. We have seen many over the years in our travels to Mexico, but often aren't able to transport them home safely when we travel.
When we arrived in Malta, 2 of my dolls were shattered to the point of being unrepairable. So that left me with my two favorites that I've had for 14 years. While they too have their moving scars, they are still intact.

For Christmas, Chris surprised me with 4 new beauties, shipped all the way from Mexico. They were lost in transport, but still miraculously made it undamaged.
I LOVE THEM!!! They are in the kitchen, where I can enjoy them the majority of the day.


On Sundays, the village of Marsaxlokk puts on a market, known for their fish, but well stocked with vegetables and tourist junk. Marsaxlokk is also home to the international port on the island and still homes the biggest fishing fleet on the island. It had been on our to do list. With a morning full of blue sky, last week we drove to the far south of the island to see the Sunday Market.
DISCLAIMER- you will tire of boat photos, but here they are anyway.