Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Day in Valletta

On Christmas Eve Day, as the kids were on break and Papa was at work, we decided to have a friend day outing. I found a military concert for free in an outdoor theater in Valletta, so asked some good friends to join us.
And no more fun way to get to Valletta than to walk from their home and catch the ferry across the bay!!
The kids all adore each other; an awesome stair step of heights. Our families have a lot of similarities and just mesh so well. I joke that we'll have to meet a couple of Littles together again in about 10 years, as the mutual affection and comments between L and Avocet are sweetly priceless.
Ceiba met a new friend and all of the kids bounced around, giggles and swinging arms, flying and tumbling all day in the sunshine. The area of Valletta we explored is mostly void of car traffic, so we mamas got to relax a bit too. At lunch, the band from the concert did a flashmob music event in the plaza where we ate. Very entertaining!!!... as were the pigeons to chase.
We were treated with Little Debbie cakes, the Christmas tree kind, brought from a private mailed stash from other's family. It is these little things that make the day so special, and the generosity of friends when we are all so far from blood family during the holidays. These good friends become our own family and are so dear to us.
 And the fun of the ferry to head back home, nicely a DOWNhill walk from Valletta this time. Couldn't have asked for a better day!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Embassy Christmas Party

Our embassy family spent the afternoon together this month. 
Santa surprised the kiddos, while we mingled with AMAZING food and drinks. 
The view... jaw dropping. 
Happy Holidays!!
(this last AMAZING photo I cannot take credit for photographing...)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Cave Walk

In December, like last year, our little village had a walk to the sacred cave. Last year, we'd only been in our house (with our things) for a short time and had little notice of the event, so it while the attendees were quality, they weren't quantity. This year, we had a lot more notice, and the turn out was grande!!
We kicked off the family event with snacks, cookies and hot drinks. Everyone donned their trainers (tennis shoe speak here) and coats and off we went! Last year, we stood around for a while before the group departed the church square, so we didn't get in a hurry this year. So we dallied and missed the departure, oops!! We knew our way, so gathered our own group and walked down to the cave.

We had glow sticks and finger lights for the kids and wine in to-go cups on the ready. About 40 friends and our great group of Marines flanked us down the hill. The cave was lit up by a generator and a group of nuns (from Eurovision tv) sang through the night. The weather was amazing and so was the company!!
Back up the hill we ventured, and rounded out the evening (or shall we say wee hours of the morning) in great spirits (beveragely and mentally). 
Thanks all for joining!!!