Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hong Kong Disney

The focus of our trip to Hong Kong was for Ceiba to get to experience Disney in it's entirety and enjoy it completely. We knew with a sibling on the way, and the two of them being almost 4 years apart, by the time Baby is ready to enjoy Disney, Ceiba probably would be out of the "prime" time to experience it for herself. And... a trip is always an easy thing to persuade anyone in our family to do.
We stayed at the Disneyland Resort so that she could visit with the characters, see the fireworks from our balcony and be just a shuttle trip away from the park for naps or weather diversions. The plan was to get up in time for a nice breakfast, get to the park around opening time (10AM), enjoy a few hours, go back to the room for a nap, back to the park, have lunch/dinner, play and catch the castle lighting and the fireworks at night before heading back to the room to see Mickey for bedtime.
Ceiba decided NO WAY were we leaving each day once we arrived at the park, so we ditched the naps in the room and opted for naps on Papa's shoulder instead. Once asleep, Chris or I would plop in a chair holding Ceiba, while the other tooled around freely for a little while.

Everything worked out great! We caught the parade both days (GREAT!), fireworks and saw all the rides, except the ones she was to small for. Most rides (Buzz Lightyear's Blaster, Teacups, carousel) were visited MANY times throughout the 2 days at the park. 
We also attended as many of the Meet & Greet sessions with characters as we could. At first, the costumes were a little scary to Ceiba, but Papa had a talk with her, and she warmed right up and then loved them the rest of the visit. Belle was her favorite! All the princesses were so good at talking to her. Surprisingly, only about 20-30% of the visitors were children. Most of the lines to visit the characters were grown-ups. So between our being caucasian and American, and Ceiba's unusual features for the area, I think more tourists took pictures of us than we took of ourselves. 
We saw the Golden Mickeys show (twice) and the Lion King show, which Ceiba sang & danced along with and just LOVED. It was a nice rest for Chris's and my feet too. And no Disney trip would be complete without a new princess dress! It was a unanimous "Belle". A few poses around the resort, so when she's 16 we can remember when she was sweet, ha ha.
 Our last day was beautiful and sunny, so we strolled through the hedge maze and walked along the shoreline at the resort and pier. I think all of us could easily have been persuaded to stay another week. When we put Ceiba in bed at home in Dhaka that first night back, she said "I want to go back to the hotel". 

Us too honey, us too...


  1. So beautiful! When went to Disney (Florida) when Owen was 3 and I was preggo with Abby. I still remember the uncomfortable flight with him straddled across my big belly and hugging me the whole flight. It was wonderful. I am glad your little one had her special princess moment before the littlest one arrives. You'll love looking back on these memories!

  2. She is so cute! It looks like you had an awesome trip.

  3. Fun! My kids loved HK Disney, and I think it's the perfect size for little kids.

  4. I'm glad you got to take a bit of time for such a fun break. Love the pictures! They will be great keepsakes of C. at this age.

  5. What a great time! Nothing beats a Disney parade. Having taken three teenage boys to Disneyland in California and Disneyworld in Florida, I can tell you there is no such thing as too old or too cool for Disney.

  6. Looks like you guys had an amazing time. Great pictures! What a wonderful experience for Ceiba!! : ) We plan on taking Chase to Disney someday.

  7. Looks like a GREAT family trip!! I can see that Ceiba thoroughly enjoyed did mom and dad :) Nothing like Disney! You will all cherish the memories forever...The pictures are wonderful!!!!

  8. I don't know if it's because we're such Disneyland fanatics, or because the pictures are so colorful and fun, or because you look so cute and happy, or because I miss you, but this blog made me tear up! I'm so glad you got to take this trip now, at the ideal time, before baby #2 arrives.