Monday, March 28, 2011


We've been starting to accumulate keepsakes for Ceiba & baby. Originally, we had thought about hope chests, but with the traveling lifestyle, we decided on a smaller version. Here in Bangladesh, there are small boxes at every art or antique dealer. Many of them are fairly old and came from the huge history of boat travel. I don't know what they are actually called. The large trunks functioned as suitcases on the trains and ships, and I think some of the smaller trunks may have been used as jewelry boxes or make-up cases. Most of the small ones have trays that lift out and mirrors.

We purchased one trunk for Ceiba and are watching for a second for baby. Though some are very intricately carved with brass inlay, but we've opted for the clean, plain version on the outside with a intricate interior.
Here is a pic of Ceiba's "hope chest" with some of our recent purchases: pearl bracelets from Dhaka, necklaces & ornaments from Hong Kong and stamps with the girls' birth year/animals. Also when we were in Hong Kong, we had hand carved name stamps made for the girls.  And Ceiba has some items from Guatemala and passed down family jewelry in her box already.


  1. What a fantastic idea. I've been contemplating this same dilemma about how to incorporate a "hope chest" into all the traveling. I have my lane chest that my parents gave me when I was 10 here in our house, but it will soon be in a storage facility somewhere in DC when we pack out. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. What a great idea!! I love the box! It is absolutely beautiful!!