Friday, March 25, 2011

Soccer Mini-Me

Chris has been playing soccer with the embassy team. Ceiba and I go out a few times a week with our lawn chairs, snacks and drinks in hand to cheer them on. It's nice to sit outside in the evenings... until the tornadoes of mosquitoes appear.

We ordered a second jersey for Chris, and at the same time, ordered one for Ceiba. She had been wearing her Bangladesh cricket shirt or Mexico soccer jesey, but now wear the standard US uniform. Too cute!
 above- Ceiba at half time, Chris and Mini-me, Ceiba and her buddy Nate
below- Ceiba in her Mexico soccer jersey, Chris at practice (3)
At the first game, they had salted lemon slices for half time. Not a hit for Chris. Grandpa, you'll laugh to hear that Chris asked for orange slices at half time, like when he was a kid. Ceiba had as much fun with them as the players. 
Go team!

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