Friday, March 25, 2011


Occasionally, Ceiba will get on crazy hyped up talking spurt of excited gibberish. Yesterday, we were getting ready to head to the pool, when we heard:
"And I will get my penguin, and I will get my snakes, and I will get my pony, and I 
will get my boobies, and I will get my penguin, and I will get my boobies, 
and I will get my snakes..."

And on and on while dancing around the kitchen, giggling. Chris and I laughed. We have never called them boobies. For some reason, Ceiba started by calling them oooos and it stuck. So we figured this was another new word from school (ah, how we've been learning new words and phrases at school...).  So I asked, "Boobies? Who says boobies?"


Robbie...thanks Robbie. Hoping the "snakes"comment was no where in the boobie conversation. Am sure there will be many more of these conversations to come, ready or not.

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