Saturday, January 24, 2015

Compound Campout

A camping trip was planned at the embassy compound in November, one of the few places in Malta with grass. While it sounded like a super fun idea, we didn't have equipment and were getting over colds. So we, and about 4 other families, opted to come spend the evening and share in a bonfire, but not tent and spend the night.

We met at about 5pm. The kids brought their scooters and ventured ALL over the compound, but it was SO nice at parents to just chill in a patio chair with a drink and friends, not having to worry about traffic or where the kids were. They always found their way back to us when they needed a drink or a snack.
 The pool has restrooms and a kitchen, plus a grill right there, so we had hotdogs early with all the conveniences of home. We went out front to the olive grove, gathered branches and took them inside to wittle down for marshmallow sticks.  After the sun set, we made a bonfire and enjoyed marshmallows and s'mores!

A must do again event!!! SO much fun!

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