Monday, January 12, 2015

Sharklab Malta- Pup Release

We are members of the Malta National Aquarium and all but live there. Generally, we take the girls at least twice a month and more often in warm weather. Sharklab Malta  works in conjunction with the Aquarium in conservation efforts here in Malta, with sharks, rays and skates. Recently, they rescued shark eggs cases from the fish market (from the wombs of the mothers caught) and also from beach searches for eggs. The eggs were very successfully hatched at the Aquarium and now that the pups have grown well, were release back into the sea last weekend.

We always love these kinds of events & spending time outdoors with friends. The weather was rough on the west side of the ferry terminal on the north of the island. Luckily, the organizers tucked down into an inlet to the east, where we all enjoyed an hour of calm water and winter sun on our shoulders.

Divers escorted the pups as much as possible down to the sea floor, and now they are on their own to survive back in the sea. Good luck babies, we enjoyed watching you grow!!!

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