Friday, January 23, 2015

School Holiday Programs & Misc Christmas Catch-Up

Pic catch up from our Christmas holidays :) Hope yours was MERRY!!!

One of my fondest memories as a child this time of year was of advent calendars. My dad would come home from work each December 1 with a giant calendar for each of us. My mom would take a construction paper board, calendar it off and with beautiful penmanship and a wrapped candy for each day, decorate it with love for me and my sisters. We bought ours in Bangladesh and love them, but struggle to wrap and fit items in the teeny tiny openings.
 (Decorating time!)
I joined a dear friend and her Little for an afternoon craft outing. Malta has a sale several times a year by a group called Patches. It's very fun, diverse and along the waterfront in Valletta, which makes for a nice afternoon outing. Santa added a few coffee cup beauties from a talented local artist, Stephanie Borg, for me under the tree this year. They are my first chosen each morning, thanks Santa!
 (above- Maltese LOVE boxed cakes (not us, sorry...)
Avocet had 2 Christmas programs during the day this year. Adorable! Ceiba's class played an instrumental (rotating instruments) for their program. The International School has a small carnival, so after Ceiba's performance, we mingled with friends.
Ceiba was EXTRA girly and glamoury for pictures this year. Ceti, well... not so much. The girls got their first pair of sassy girl shoes, so enjoyed blinging it up!!
Ah, the joy of joining friends (sans kids!!) for adult conversation and SUSHI! and photbombs and pizza.., LOL!
Avocet goes to a public school, but here in Malta, religion is part life on the island. So we had mass with the class (and Ceiba who was already out for break). It was long... and in Maltese, but the parish church is gorgeous and just a block from home.
And last but not least, 3 of us mamas brought our gangs and loads of crafty things to the atrium at the embassy over break for a fun day. Many a craft were made in between giggles, cookies and hot chocolate. The papas dropped in for a break to their day too. VERY fun and festive!!!

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