Saturday, January 24, 2015


In October, we journeyed again to Sicily. But then drove north and crossed by ferry to mainland Italy. We've always wanted to visit Pompeii. And seeing Mt. Etna in July (post still to come...) made us want to see Pompeii even more.

It was more affordable and felt easier with the kids to take our car. It worked out well, but we really could have used more time. We spent one whole day in Pompeii and the surrounding area. It was hot, and Avocet fussed to walk, so I mei tei carried her for about 4 hours. Let's just say my hip joints felt ground to dust, and that was my exercise for a month.
Along the roads before reaching the city, you could see other abandoned villas in the valleys. And while Pompeii is amazing and so historic, I think we both expected to see more artifacts from the era. Unfortunately, it sounds like most are housed in museums in Naples or were looted. There are some beautiful paintings/frescos that have been restored.
A tour guide is a MUST!, and affordable. We would have wandered around aimlessly without a guide. And with the heat and the kids, we definitely were happy to have seen the highlights.

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